Church of the Living God Delray Beach
But if I  tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, pillar and ground of the truth.  1Timothy3:15


A divided people, is a weak people. But a united people, is a strong people for God

The Church of the Living God was founded and organized in the year of 1954 by Bishop W.O. Girthman. The firt churches were set-up in New York City and Delray Beach, Florida. The first site of the Delray Beach C.O.T.L.G. was located in the old theater building on N.W. 5th Ave. In 1964, the church moved to the building adjacent to the theater property. The old dwelling place was demolished and the church proceeded to purchase the property for the church's use. 
In 1954, the Pastor was Bishop L.N. Quince Sr., also serving as the Assistant Overseer; he pastored for three years. In 1957, Bishop E. Bradley was appointed Pastor until 1959. Under the pastorship of these great pastors having church was their ultimate goal. They held many weekly serivces; Sunday Bible School (S.B.S.)  Sunday Morning 11:30 AM, Afternoon Worship 3:00 PM, H.T.Y.U. Services for youth Sunday Afternoon at 5:00 PM and Sunday Evening Worship 7:30PM. Monday Bible Study, Wednesday Tarry Service and Friday Prayer Service. There was no time to be idol or out of the presence of GOD. 
Appointed men and women worked diligently with these Pastors. Some of these pioneers were Deacon James Young, Mother Sallie Cole, Deacon Muarray Holt & Sister A.L. Hyers.

In 1965, Bishop E. Bradley was again appointed Pastor, which involved another move to 430 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL. She led the church into a new dimension. The visions were received, written and made plain. Bishop E. Bradley could not be made comfortable in a building that was not our own. Her concern was we need a church; she often quoted " I'm tired of going to other people's buildings where all sorts of things have been going on and we go in the building to have church ( i.e. conventions, programs and assemblies). "I want a church!" Bishop Era Bradley's constant persistence finally led to results. 
In 1973, being guided by the Divine Spirit of God and concern about God's House, Deacon R.L. Cleckley stepped up to the plate and said "Let's Build." Deacon R.L. Cleckley sat everything on the back burner; his business, his family, his own needs and received the call of God. God clearly said to him ,get up and build the church. He became the front runner along with dedicated workers; Deacon M. Holt, Deaconess G. Boges, Missionary M.A. Baldwin, Mother V. Cleckley, Sister C. Cleckley, Sister L. Bishop and Sister J. Marshall. Property was purchased at 44 SW 11th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. in the latter part of 1973. The ground breaking for the New Temple began in March 1974 with much laboring and sacrificing. In the last stages, all finances were gone; God opened the hearts of Deacon M. Holt, Missionary M. Baldwin, Mother V. Cleckley and Pastor E. Bradley to use collateral in their homes ad signed for a loan so that the church would be completed. 
The temple was completed March 1975; with the dedication ceremony rendered by the General Overseer Bishop W.O. Girtman. He served The Churches of the Living God as Overseer, Founder and in the same areas as Pastor. Bishop W.O. Girtman often said and aslo showed how much he loved his people. He was called home to be with the Lord, February 16, 1982. his wife, Dr. I.E. Girtman, succeeded him as General Overseer. In 1986, Pastor Bishop E. Bradley was called home to be with the Lord after serving as Pastor for 21 years. 

General Overseer, Dr. I.E. Girtman became the Interim Pastor of the Delray Church from February- July 1986. Reverend M. Holt was serving as Assistant Pastor under Bishop E. Bradley. He was appoInted Pastor of the Delray Beach Church by General Overseer Dr. I.E. Girtman July 1986. He served the people and God faithfully. Under his pastorate, new additions were added to the church: a spacious dining room, extra space to the sanctuary and extra bathrooms. The Builder, Deacon R.L. Cleckley, again took the reigns and the project was completed. Bishop M. Holt served as Pastor for 16 years and the Lord beaconed him home December 2002.
Out of the Delray Church, two churches were born; C.O.T.L.G. Boynton Beach, under the pastorate of Bishop M.A. Baldwin. She served faithfully in the church of Delray for approximately 20 years. The second church, C.O.T.L.G. Lake Worth renamed Refreshing Springs C.O.T.L.G., under the pastorate of Pastor V.F. Cleckley, he served faithfully at The Delray Church from a child to 1996, when the church opened in Lake Worth, FL. 

In December 2002, The Presiding Overseer of The Churches of the Living God, Bishop R.E. Girtman, appointed Deacon R.L. Cleckley the Official Leader of The Delray Church. In September 2004, He preached his official sermon. Reverend R.L. Cleckley served as Interim Pastor of The Delray Church leading the church into New Heights and Deeper Depths. New Ministries have been added under his leadership. Reverend R.L. Cleckley was officially appointed Pastor of The Delray Church of the Living God, June 2006. 

Let us continue to " Experience God Together" as we look toward tomorrow.